Slip-and-Fall Lawyer in Downingtown, PA

From slick winter surfaces to freshly-mopped floors or dimly lit stairs, slip-and-fall accidents happen in an instant. If they’re the result of someone else’s negligence, you’re entitled to reparations. Rosato Law Offices is ready to represent you if you’re faced with injury following a slip-and-fall event. As an experienced slip-and-fall attorney, we prove the negligence that led to your injury and make sure we’re fighting for every dollar you’re owed.

We have broad experience representing individuals after slip-and-fall accidents in Downingtown and surrounding areas and offer free consultations to assess your case. Reach us today during normal business hours or schedule an after-hours consult by appointment.

Proving Negligence and Fault

Slip-and-fall situations often seem like an accident—but that’s not always the case. Many times, the situations that cause them can be prevented. As an experienced slip-and-fall attorney, we’re able to assess the circumstances and identify areas where the negligence or neglect of someone else may have contributed to your accident. Whether it’s failing to put up appropriate signage or maintain facilities to a safe standard, we get to the bottom of the cause, to show that your fall wasn’t your fault.

Elderly Slip-and-Fall Cases

Many slip-and-fall cases involve elderly individuals. Not only are seniors more prone to falls, their injuries are often more severe. If you or a senior loved one has suffered an injury due to a fall, it’s important to contact a slip-and-fall lawyer right away. Rosato Law Offices stands ready as a slip-and-fall lawyer to help Downingtown, Thorndale, and Exton, PA residents take their case to court and get a settlement that covers the many expenses and medical costs associated with elderly slip-and-fall cases.

An Experienced Slip-and-Fall Attorney

Facing medical bills due to an avoidable injury? Contact Rosato Law Offices today at 610-873-1819 to discuss the details of your case with our car, motorcycle, and slip-and-fall accident lawyers. We’re adept at ensuring you’re represented, and that you’re pursuing a settlement that covers your situation completely.