Dog Bite Attorney in Downingtown, PA

Even well-tempered dogs can bite. Worse still, it can happen unprovoked, leaving you with severe injuries that require urgent medical attention. If you’ve been bitten as the result of an untrained dog or neglect on the part of the owner, Rosato Law Offices is ready to help. James Rosato has experience handling cases involving dog bites and can help you pursue the settlement you’re owed after a confrontation with a dog that results in injury.

We have broad experience representing individuals after dog bites in Downingtown and surrounding areas and offer free consultations to assess your case. Reach us today during normal business hours or schedule an after-hours consult by appointment.

Animal Attacks Demand Compensation

Dog bites range from mild to life-threatening—but no matter the severity, you’re entitled to a settlement if you’re on the receiving end. Whether it’s a dog you’re familiar with or one you’ve never interacted with before, we level due diligence in framing the facts of your case—including owner negligence and animal temperament. We ensure there’s no doubt about your reason to seek a settlement award, and we justify that amount in our presentation of the facts.

Navigating Dog Bite Settlements

Our experience as a dog bites lawyer in Downingtown, PA has given us keen insight into the costs associated with these types of injuries. We use that information to successfully argue your case for the maximum settlement possible. We use all the facts of the case to push for an award that covers you entirely—from medical bills, to pain and anguish, to any lingering effects caused by the incident.

Dog Bite Scar

An Experienced Trial Attorney

Rosato Law Offices is ready to represent you after a dog bite. We understand the medical expenses that accompany these injuries, as well as the trauma that follows them. If you’ve had a dangerous encounter with man’s best friend, call us today at 610-873-1819 and let us advocate for a fair settlement on your behalf.