Car Accident Lawyer in Downingtown, PA

Car accidents can happen to anyone, at any time. From fender-benders that leave you with whiplash to major collisions that end in hospital bills and lost wages, Rosato Law Offices represents Downingtown, Thorndale, and Exton, PA residents after auto accidents. James Rosato is an experienced car wreck lawyer with nearly 40 years of trial experience, ready to argue your case for the award you’re owed.

We have broad experience representing individuals after car accidents and offer free consultations to assess your case. Reach our car accidents attorneys today during normal business hours or schedule an after-hours consult by appointment.

Don’t Accept Insurance Settlements

Any car accident lawyer will advise you to avoid taking an insurance settlement as part of an agreement to avoid trial. Why? Because the payout you’re offered will likely be far short of what you’ll get if the case goes to court. Insurance companies have an incentive to pay out the lowest amount possible, as quickly as possible. Often, insurance payouts only cover some of the costs associated with an auto accident, leaving you holding the bag for anything not accounted for.

Get the Award You Deserve

Working with a car wreck lawyer means fighting for every dollar you’re owed after an accident. Legal settlements take into account all costs, including property damage, medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages and much more. Many times, this is significantly higher than the amount offered as part of an insurance settlement. Your car or truck accident lawyer will pursue the greatest possible award because often, injuries sustained as part of an accident will manifest in losses you couldn’t account for and might not know until later on.

Car Accident Lawyer

An Experienced Car Accidents Attorney

Rosato Law Offices understands the struggle individuals from Downingtown or surrounding areas face after an auto accident and the lingering repercussion that can follow. Our car and truck accident lawyers are here to represent you and to win you the highest possible award as part of a personal injury lawsuit.

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