Just Got Rear Ended? Here’s What To Do

A car wreck can bring life to a halt. Knowing what to do following a rear end collision could greatly influence the outcome of your accident. This quick guide will help you better understand how to handle a car accident.

Who Is At Fault?

You may be wondering if you get rear-ended who is at fault? Determining fault is an important part of investigating an accident. You can help authorities better understand who is at fault by collecting evidence as soon as the wreck happens. If you are able, you should take pictures and videos of the vehicles involved as well as any injuries that you may have sustained. The authorities must review all the information and evidence to determine who is at fault.

I Got Rear Ended What Do I Do?

Directly following your accident, you will need to call the authorities. You should not leave the scene of the wreck. If anyone else involved leaves the wreck, you should write down a description of the person and the vehicle.

Keep documentation of everything that is happening. You can easily do this using photos or videos. You will also want to the other driver’s name, insurance information, and contact info.

Do I Need a Lawyer?

An accident lawyer can help you navigate your car accident. You might be entitled to compensation if the other driver was at fault. An insurance company cannot always be relied upon to provide you with a fair settlement even if their client is proven to be at fault.

Why Would I Get a Settlement?

If you were injured when you were rear ended, and the other driver was at fault, it is important that you are reimbursed for your medical expenses. Insurance companies may not always provide adequate settlement amounts to cover your medical expenses.

An accident lawyer is often needed to make sure the insurance company provides a fair and just settlement.

If there was also damage to your vehicle, you want to make sure you are properly compensated for this damage or the replacement of your vehicle.

What Information Will a Lawyer Need?

If you decide to speak with a lawyer, they will need a copy of the accident report. You will also need any evidence you collected at the accident scene. You should most definitely provide the lawyer with any medical records and documents of any medical expenses you have had.

If you missed work because of your accident, you should also provide documentation of this as well. You could be compensated for lost income as well as for medical expenses.

A knowledgeable accident lawyer will help you make sense of your accident and help you get a fair settlement from the insurance company.