Is It Worth Getting an Attorney for a Car Accident?

If you’ve been in a car accident recently, you might be wondering whether you need a lawyer. While some accidents can be negotiated with insurance companies on your own, a vehicle accident attorney can be a great help in more serious cases.

Getting a lawyer doesn’t mean your case will go to trial. Instead, your attorney can help ensure you get the full amount of compensation to which you’re entitled. If you’ve suffered from significant injuries and sustained major property damage, hiring a lawyer is important. Read on to find out how a vehicle accident attorney can help you:

  • Avoid lowball settlement offers: Many clients are surprised to realize that their insurance company doesn’t have their best interests at heart. Insurance companies prioritize their bottom line, and will do whatever they need to do to pay out less. That means you could accept a lower settlement offer than you deserve. A good attorney will make sure your settlement offer will cover all of the damages you sustained: past, current and future.
  • Accurately calculate damages: Similarly, a good vehicle accident attorney has seen dozens, if not hundreds or even thousands of cases like yours. Not only will they be able to accurately calculate the damages you’ve already suffered, they’ll also know whether your injuries are likely to get worse over time. Not only does this help you avoid lowball settlements from your insurance company, it will also help if your case ends up going through the litigation process.
  • Specific legal advice: When you hire a lawyer, they will provide you with legal advice that’s specific to your case. You can Google information about car accidents and local laws, but that’s no substitute for the advice you’ll get from a good lawyer. They’ll know the filing deadlines, how to handle your social media presence, whether you should go back to work right away and other important details.
  • Representation if your case goes to court: Sometimes, the only way to get adequate compensation is to take your case to court. Although you can represent yourself in court, it’s not a good idea. A vehicle accident attorney acts as an advocate for you—and since they’re not personally invested in the case, they’ll be able to spot problems and find solutions that you might miss. They will also have experience with the local court system and opposing counsel, which allows them to strategize better than you can do on your own.

Ultimately, hiring a vehicle accident attorney is up to you. If the accident was relatively minor and you didn’t sustain any injuries, you might prefer to deal with your insurance company on your own. However, any time you suffer severe injuries, it’s smart to work with a lawyer. There’s too much at stake to represent yourself—and if your injuries are permanent, it could impact your ability to pay the resulting bills. A good lawyer will make sure you get adequate compensation.

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