How to Pick a Personal Injury Attorney

People usually pick attorneys during incredibly stressful times in their lives, and personal injury lawyers are no exception. After you’ve suffered through a life-changing accident, you need someone who can advocate for your best interests. Not only are personal injury lawyers trained in the law and negotiating, making them more effective representatives than you could be on your own, but working with one will allow you to focus on healing.

So, how does one go about choosing a personal injury attorney? Rather than choosing the first name that comes up in your Google search, follow these tips to find the best fit for your case:

  • Ask family and friends for suggestions: Word of mouth is often the best way to find a reliable attorney. If your family or friends have gone through a similar situation, ask them which attorney they chose, why they did so and whether they were happy with their work. Most people will not hesitate to tell you about their full experience, whether good or bad.
  • Ask your State Bar Association for referrals: If you don’t know anyone who can refer you to a good attorney, call your State Bar Association and ask for a referral. Bar associations usually have access to lists of local attorneys in your practice area.
  • Look for attorneys online: Next, you can search for attorneys online. Take down at least three to five names of attorneys in your field, then research and call them to learn more about their practices.
  • Ask for a consultation: After you’ve made a list of potential attorneys, call and ask to schedule a consultation. Most personal injury lawyers offer brief free consultations. They’ll ask questions about your case, decide whether you have legal standing and tell you about your options. You can take this opportunity to “interview” them, asking questions that will help you decide if they’re the right fit.
  • Verify their practice areas and experience: Before you can hire a personal injury attorney for your case, you need to verify that they practice the type of law you need. You should also ask how long they’ve practiced and whether they’ve handled similar cases.
  • Ask about communication: During your consultation, you can also ask about communication: Who will handle your case? Who will communicate those details? How often will you hear from your attorney? Do they prefer phone or email?
  • Talk about payment: Most personal injury attorneys work on a contingency basis, but you should ask about who pays for expert witnesses, fees and other expenses—and how you can pay.
  • Read reviews on Google, Yelp and the Better Business Bureau: Finally, look for reviews on online review websites. You should look for an overall pattern, rather than focusing on any one-star or five-star outliers. (Of course, if they’re all one-star or five-star reviews, that may be equally illuminating.)

Following these steps when picking an attorney will help you get a better idea of whose experience, practice areas and communication styles will work best for you.

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