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Whether it’s physical injury, emotional injury, or financial loss due to a crime, you, as a victim, may be eligible for compensation for your financial losses. Medical bills can be covered by your auto and health insurance. This is only possible if your insurance companies honor your policy.


Get in touch with James Rosato, the personal injury attorney in Downingtown or State College, PA, to increase the odds of you getting the compensation you deserve. He focuses exclusively on personal injury cases and have helped many injured victims to obtain compensation for their medical bills, lost income, and much more. Attorney Rosato will personally review your case and discuss the steps necessary for obtaining fair compensation.

With almost 30 years of experience in handling insurance company claim procedures, Rosato Law Offices has the knowledge necessary to help you recover the amount you need and deserve.


Mr. Rosato will work aggressively to obtain the compensation you need for paying your medical bills and rehabilitation therapy. He will also work to make sure your compensation covers the expense of any psychological or psychiatric service you require because of your injury.

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Attorney Rosato will personally work with you, your doctors, and your medical providers to gain a thorough understanding of the severity of your injury. This will prepare him to tell your insurance company that you need compensation and that they should settle, rather than taking it to a trial.


Your health insurance company becomes an ally in this type of claim. You can rely on Rosato Law Offices to work closely with the insurer to help you get full and fair compensation.

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