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Have you been injured or hurt in an accident caused due to someone else's negligence? If yes, then get in touch with us immediately. Rosato Law Offices of Downingtown and State College, PA will help you get the compensation and justice you deserve for your injuries. Mr. Rosato has an experience of more than 30 years in successfully handling personal injury cases. Take a look at some of the cases that Mr. Rosato has resolved.

Lou and Georgeann F. were motorcycling in a group. They were forced to stop suddenly when another motorcycle operator came directly in front of them. This caused collision and both the plaintiffs were thrown from the motorcycle.


They suffered traumatic injuries which required hospitalization and surgery. The plaintiffs were blamed initially and the defendant's insurance company denied all liability.


They got in touch with Rosato Law Offices of Downingtown, PA to get the justice and compensation they deserved. Mr. Rosato hired an accident reconstructionist with expertise in motorcycle crashes.


The accident reconstructionist went to the scene, interviewed witnesses, and produced a report that confirmed that the other motorcycle operator was responsible for causing the accident.

Motorcycle accident

A mother who was driving with her 5-year old child made a left-hand turn in front of an oncoming delivery truck. Despite the child, who was the claimant suffering severe facial scarring, the mother did not retain counsel until almost 2 years. She got in touch with Rosato Law Offices to fight for the rights of her child. Mr. Rosato hired an expert who could recreate the accident scene.


The expert was able to prove that the claimant's mother turned left directly in front of the truck as the truck could not be seen due to the hilly terrain and also the truck was travelling at an extremely high speed. After filing suit, the matter was placed into mediation and the case settled for $140,000.00. The compensation amount was placed into a structured settlement for the child.

Car accident - left-hand turn

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Karlene C. was driving her minivan when another driver crashed head-on into the side of her vehicle causing severe injuries to her right shoulder. She was hospitalized and the medical test revealed a torn rotator cuff which required arthroscopic surgical repair.


Although Karlene C. returned to her former cleaning job, she could still feel pain and stiffness in the right shoulder. The defendant insurance company refused to offer anything greater than $50,000.00 as a settlement.


She got in touch with Rosato Law Offices of Downingtown, PA to seek help for getting the compensation she deserved. After filing suit, the matter proceeded to a jury trial resulting in a verdict of $187,000.00 which was more than three times the best offer prior to trial.

Automobile accident

Lisa S. was leaving work when a negligent driver who ran a red light crashed head-on into the side of her vehicle. She started suffering from seizures 6 weeks after the accident. Tests revealed bilateral subdural hematomas which required surgery. She returned to work after her surgery but was fired due to short-term memory loss, inability to concentrate, and severe headaches.

Car accident - traumatic brain injury

Brain injury

A young girl was sexually assaulted by her friend's grandfather while visiting his home. Mr. Rosato was able to obtain a verdict in the amount of $2,000,000 as well as a settlement against other responsible adults.

Sexual Assault $2 Million Verdict

Jim W. a professor at Penn State University was riding his bicycle on a back country road just after sunset when he was struck by an SUV. Due to the collision, the Penn State professor suffered fractures of his cervical spine, lumbar spine, leg and arm.

Car/Bicycle Collision

Client had entered a fast food restaurant in Center City Philadelphia and had gotten into an argument with an employee and a fight ensued leaving the claimant with fractures of both cheekbones.

Assault Fast Food Restaurant

Marilyn S. contacted Rosato Law Offices after having been diagnosed with breast cancer. Although she had received regular mammograms and complained on several occasions of a lump in her breast, her physicians took no action.

Medical Malpractice - Misdiagnosis of Cancer

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